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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Weihnachtsmarkt Schloss Lichtenberg, Fischbachtal

Yesterday evening we drove through the dark but beautifully lit Odenwald to a little village nearby; Fischbachtal. So many leftovers of snow that have never reached us down in the Rhinevalley. While going from one hill to another, we all of a sudden saw an orange glow behind a hill. It was the moon rising, […]

Horses in Handstand

And now something on the ‘horsey’ side: Having watched the above video from Barbara Schulte from Pro Equo I all of a sudden see what she’s talking about with the “handstand” she mentions, in this video of the stallion presentation in Vechta: 30 Glock´s Zonik – Althengstparade Vechta 2015 from Oldenburger Pferdezuchtverband on Vimeo. (yes, […]