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Monthly Archives: August 2015


Right, was it really this morning when I went to sleep? I remember I slept well, but short. And then I had to get the bread. I vaguely remembered that my mom said we didn’t need to order new bread for the next morning, and thus I didn’t. I then got to choose between washing […]

Sweet salt

This morning I woke up because my mom woke up – actually, she already was back with the bread. And when I was finally awake I made my run to the sea, stuck my head in the water and ran back again. Just like a few years ago in Portugal. Not much later, after the […]


This morning my mom had to get up early as she needed to go to the bank in Propriano. And that was going to be a 20 minute -single way- drive. She wanted to be on the road before 12 as we would be travelling around 88km to our new camping on the east side […]

Pizza Brains

This morning we awaited the “Meep meep” from the Croissant-car – at least my mom did. She got out to get the Pain au Chocolat and some Baguette called “Ancienne”. She explained it is ‘ancient’, but it didn’t taste that old. At least this morning the firealarms had been quiet and also the other ones […]

Luchtalarmpjes van de buren

* == Firealarms from the neighbours – translated freely to a sketch from Jochem Meyer, where he describes how he terrorizes the neighbours by waking up their 3 young kids which he gave names like ‘firealarm’ and ‘mamamamamamama’ Well, what a way to wake up. We should have known better with the 2 big tents […]