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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Autobahn de Fourmis

Corsica 2015 – overview This morning I woke up at 9:30 and I went out to get the breakfast. I didn’t even ask my mom, as she was still kind of sleepy. Not much later I came back with the obligational Pain au Chocolat and the Croissants. We were lucky that this time our lot […]


Corsica 2015 – overview 6:00 and the ship set on their “wake up” music. I immediately woke up my mom who, with a sleepy voice, said the ship wouldn’t be at Bastia before 7. So she fell asleep again and I then also nodded away again. Around 6:45 we then heard the typical music playing […]

Pas de Gotthard

Corsica 2015 – overview It wasn’t as early as ‘usual’ when we took off. This time we had booked a Corsica Ferries transfer from the harbor of Savona, Italy to Bastia, Corsica. This was about 200km less driving than usual, ‘only’ 800km. We took off at 8 AM and to our not so very big […]

Corsica 2015 overview

2015.07.29 – Pas de Gotthard 2015.07.30 – Bast!a 2015.07.31 – Autobahn de Fourmis 2015.08.01 – Foret de Bonifatu 2015.08.02 – Pizza Hut? 2015.08.03 – A snake and a tortoise crossed our roads 2015.08.04 – Rock de Corse 2015.08.05 – Sea Life Central 2015.08.06 – Brave Italians 2015.08.07 – Wild boar fight 2015.08.08 – Radule le […]