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Monthly Archives: April 2015

50km Fahrradtour Gernsheim – Nierstein / Hessen – Rheinland Pfalz

Today it was time for one of the first big biketrips we’ve got planned for this year. As we’re both dutches we only like the flat so there’s not much hills we’ll be climbing. But we compensate by the distance we’re cycling. So we started off from Gernsheim, took the ferry from Hessen to Rheinland-Pfalz, […]

Earthquakes in the past week: #1: Europe!

Normally I don’t compare that much when it comes to ‘our’ local earthquakes compared to the “rest of the world”. However, after yesterday’s M6.1 near Crete, Greece, I could not resist to quickly check. Maybe it’s because of the enormous numbers of aftershocks around Crete, but well, Europe is the absolute #1 today – even […]