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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Corsica day 19 – Perseids Floyd

This morning we both somehow succeeded to wake up at way past 10, so we had to go to the Spar nearby to fetch our breakfast. My mom took my favorite Mousse de Canard au Port and we both bought cards to be sent out. But so many cards were quite tiresome, so I suggested […]

Corsica day 18 – Deutschland Eck

This morning, well, morning? I slept till past 10 AM and then all of a sudden woke up and needed a sprint to the toilet buildings. What my mom taught me about drinking at least 1.5L per day has a disadvantage and it’s not a good thing to wake up that early to do what […]

Corsica day 17 – The Steps of Aragon

The trip from here to Bonifacio would take about 1:17h for 72km but my mom said “hah, I’d be happy if we succeed within 2 hours”. So we prepared and packed and filled up our 1.5L bottles with sirop the menthe and water. We were close to the first roundabout towards Propriano, just after the […]

Corsica day 16 – Space in Eyes

This morning my mom was somehow already up & running before I was even awake. I had managed to crawl through the whole tent again she said but I couldn’t remember a thing. She also got breakfast and she got back with Pain au Chocolat and Croissant. I was just able to roll at the […]

Corsica day 15 – Skinny Dipping

Today I was awake for a while already, must have been the big bowl of Moules from yesterday evening and the fish soup and the Creme Brulee de Chataigne that kept me awake. But at least I was in time t get the bread. At least, I thought. Because my mom said that the bread […]