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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Corsica day 6 – Chasing up onto the roof

|| Corsica holidays 2014 – overview || This morning I couldn’t wake up at all. I was more than tired and with the sore muscles as well as a bit of sunburn I felt like I could not move at all. My mom was already packing bits and pieces and some time later I managed […]

Corsica day 5 – It will rain they said

|| Corsica holidays 2014 – overview || Somehow I couldn’t wake up this morning. When I finally was able to get up my mom was already back with breakfast, she’d been to the Casino which is further away. It took me a while before I could think or move. Somehow I had managed to crawl […]

Corsica day 4 – About the Neighbours

This morning I woke up a bit earlier, so getting into bed a bit earlier might have worked well. And I wasn’t that tired either. And although I had said my mom she should be getting the croissants and pain au chocolat, I decided to go and get them just because I felt like it. […]

Corsica day 3 – The Cable Connection

What a long sleep that was this morning, the wind woke us up as well as the people around us, in every language they had their morning ritual. It was late and I was still so sleepy, Tonight I don’t want to go to bed any later than 9h. So as my mom prepared breakfast […]

Corsica day 2 – Fishy fishes

It wasn’t even 7 in the morning and we had to rush out. My mom woke up, even without coffee she managed to pack all the stuff and get ready go to downstairs, towards the car. There was already a bright light at the end so the doors were already open. It went all so […]