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Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Pale Blue Dot? Soyuz Launch of Expedition 40 to ISS #BlueDot

A photo sequence for the Liftoff of Soyuz TMA-13M with Expedition 40 to the ISS. It brings ESA’s Astronaut Alexander Gerst together with NASA’s Astronaut Reid Wiseman and Russian Cosmosnaut Maxim Suraev to the International Space Station. Launchdate: May 28th, 21:57 CEST, 20:57 CET. not long anymore – below 2 minutes, all green for launch. […]

We are all Astronauts of Space Ship Earth.

“It is enough, we have gone too far !!! The Industrial Revolution has brought us in an unwanted state, we bulldozed through nature, we ruin our life support. We need to stop, we need to change, we need to choose another path, we need to update our lives and our ways of doing business.” It’s […]

Another Earthquake near Darmstadt, a 4.1 this time!

Another month, another earthquake near Darmstadt. Waiting for the big one now. We both registered it differently, Jr. said the ground was rumbling and going up and down for a few seconds, including a low vibrating sound. I thought a truck drove by and went through a bump, then realized that where we were there […]