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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Sun and The Moon and The Stars

Even if the skies are still dark outside, the chances are there you’ll see the moon. And in case you like the warm sun only, only watch the first video. Sunrise in the Algerian Desert (Ahaggar National Park) A year of moon in 2.5 minutes. Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo. Moonrise over […]

Berlin, Berlin, wir landen in Berlin!

Landung in Berlin (Star Trek 7 – Treffen der Generationen) If you can’t see the above video; download it via this link / Wenn Sie das Video nicht sehen können laden Sie es via den Link hier herunter. Wir bauen einen Grossflughafen, das kann dauern Wir können alles; außer… Niemand hat die Absicht, einen Flughafen […]

Happy Birthday Fadjen – playing with a fighting bull

Today is the 3rd birthday of Fadjen, a beautiful Spanish “fighting” bull who was saved as a young calf. This video is a tribute (made by the owner) to Fadjen and what he stands for: quality of life for animals that are abused for “show” or “fun” by humans And ofcourse I stumbled across this […]