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Monthly Archives: July 2012

La Isla Vendetta

After a short night I got woken up by my mom who just tossed my feet away. Somehow I keep on rolling around, despite sleepingbag and end up upside down. The cicades were even more noisy, although I have discovered a pattern in their “singing”. They only do that when there is sunlight. We went […]

Spot on Camping

This morning I woke up half when my mom drove to the camping, I was still asleep. She said thank you to some other germans who were waiting for us to come out of the parking place where we spent the night. A bit later I understood why. Only 6 minutes after the camping had […]

Tunnel through

In the early morning of Sunday we left our home in the pooring rain. Our neighbour had given us a basket full of yummies to eat and best of all: a big Donald Duck book to read during the trip. I had some more books so I would definately not be bored on our trip […]

#BoycottApple ?

A random collection of creativity I have seen until now And last but not least: Mr. Steve Balmer from a company which exists of MIsmanagement CRap intuition OS driven OFTen wrong “500 dollars for a phone?”