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Monthly Archives: May 2012


A little “ode” to the things in life that make it special. Thank you Jr., thank you Sharmenta for being there and making my life complete!

Saddle your moneymaker.

Here is the “worldfamous” stallion Totilas and his rider; Matthias Rath. Rath is using the “Rollkur” or “LDR” method to control his horse Totilas: pull in the head towards the chest with the (2!) bits he is riding with. The pain this causes on the horses’ tongue and neck will make it slow down and […]

Horse “Show” trainers – behind the scenes

It seems that the “trainer” from “famous” price winning Tennessee Walking Horses has finally been caught on hidden camera. And the result is that they’re now visible tot he greater public; their “trainingmethods” for Tennessee Walking horses has been filmed and brought to public.. I do not hope that this kind of practices have spread […]

A feather

Some people Appear into your life Like a breath of the wind Carrying dust with a bit of gold Some people Seem to be like feathers Protecting, yet so soft But able to carry you high Some people Are gone too soon before you are even aware … R I P Dear Milt, wherever you […]