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Monthly Archives: March 2012

How to be happy: A longer but even more effective HOWTO.

… as long as you do take the effort yourself… Via Share:

How to be unhappy: A short but effective HOWTO.

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A collection of space videos

.. as tonight was another night that we could see sunspots on the sun with “naked” eyes (digital camera with zoom, nothing more) .. and Jr. got interested. Timelapse videos from the Namibian desert at night. A beautiful milky way among other pearls in the sky. The view on earth, cities and streets with their […]

10 Ways to Slow Down and Love Your Life Again

Sometimes you find good advice, lists and other things on the big interwebs and you want to “bookmark” it in some way; either to share it or to read it later again. As a good sysadmin I’m lazy; I just post it on my blog so I can find and reshare it :) By Jennifer […]