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Monthly Archives: September 2011

WordPress, via Android, from Google

and a bit of WordPress as well ofcourse. This is written via the WordPress app for Android and I am very pleased with the interface. It allows you to update a private wordpress blog as well as one hosted on itself. For the last option they even offer statistics. Multiple WordPress sites/accounts are possible […]


* Price for starting up courtcase number 7: EU 2000,- * Price for travelling from Holland to Darmstadt and back: EU 200,- * Price for an icecream with Jr where you all started this for: EU ?? because someone had to leave quick Result: a Jr who is afraid his dad is angry with him […]

Apple vs. Android – a users perspective.

After being the user and owner of an Apple iPhone 3G I finally made the jump up to the Samsung Galaxy S2. And what a relief. Yes, I do understand that there is a difference of 2.5 years in improvement of the technology, but still, the freedom Android gives compared to Apple. It’s amazing – […]

1-2-3 Ruf die Polizei

.. and sometimes you don’t even have to call them, they’re already there. Worse; they’ve already seen you. And you even haven’t seen them yet. Uhoh! What to look out for here in Germany? On the roads here I’ve already spotted quite some obvious and not so obvious hidden “Bullen” as they call them here. […]