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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Corsica holiday day 15 Lots of water

It was too early in the morning that we had to go to the ferry. It was too early to get out of the tent, never mind go out of bed. So my mom had to find a solution in between and dismantled the tent while I continued sleeping. My mom had chosen this camping […]

Corsica holiday – day 14 – Cap Corse

My mom came back later yesterday evening because she’s been talking to the locals she said. She wanted to know where those people lived from and what they were doing when the tourists were gone. She said that one only did the camping during the main season from April till November and did some travelling […]

Corsica holiday – day 13 – Quattro on the wall

Oh, yes! My mom has seen the butterfly I thought was a bird! She even took a picture from it! It was near the sanihouses on the camping, near the colorful flowers surrounding it. After our last breakfast, this time being picked up by my mom, we packed our stuff and I went down to […]

Corsica holiday – day 11 – Water life

This morning was a bit different, I don’t know why. I do remember my mom took me away from the foot end and then when I woke up again my head was there where my foot were. My mom said she didn’t sleep very well and was awake till late so she would like to […]