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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Online maps for satellites, trains, planes and boats

I found 4 very useful websites which can show you where the planes, trains, satellites and boats are going, real-time. Here’s where you can find ’em: * * * Dutch railways (spoorkaart) And the most interesting one; especially with the sats going down randomly at the moment (UARS, ROSAT): * live real […]

Recipe for Filet Americain

As there was a distinctive lack of Filet Americain in Germany, I decided to make this dutch delicacy myself. And it’s easier than I thought! Needed: * ca. 150/200g of prime beef / steak * 1 big spoonful of Mayonnaise * 2 big spoonful of Curry Gewürz Ketchup (spicy) * 1 teaspoon full of freshly […]

Bits of Freedom? Not for horses.

I was shocked when I received the latest letter book from the Arabian Studbook Germany, the “Araber Welt” #4 from July/August 2011 . On the opening page there was this image with an advertisement. How could they possibly put this picture there? Is this advertisement? This is pure animal cruelty! Click on this image to […]

Tour d’Erlensee

On a Fridayafternoon we decided to cycle around a little lake here in the neighbourhood: The Erlensee. The Erlensee is an artificial lake nearby our house. The sand cut out of this area was used to build the Autobahn A5, nearby the lake. The dug out area quickly filled with very clean crystal clear water, […]

100% humidity

After the pool being such a great success last time Jr & I decided to go again on a Sunday. The weatherprediction wasn’t that good; but it was with 26 degrees hot and sticky. While watching Jr jumping of the jumps I thought it was a fun idea to grab the camera and make stills […]