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Monthly Archives: March 2011

The horse behind the marathoncart

Today was an end of a close relationship, but the start of a new one as well. The “Ehepaar” Sam & Kim didn’t know yet at this time what was above their heads. Yes, you see here why I call Sam “Lucky Luke”: She always has got something in her mouth sticking out like a […]

Typical types of (car) drivers: The businessman / business drivers

Dutch versions of this one and more can be found here: De zakenman / de zakelijke rijder The White Van Man De zondagsrijder De niet-werkende (huis)vrouw van een goedverdienende (ex-)man. De overwerkte vrachtwagenchauffeur Driver Type: The businessman / business drivers Description: * Often on the road for shorter or longer tracks, visits to customers. * […]

Supermoon and spotty sun

A few spontaneous events happened to me this month. Completely unplanned, but being at the right place at the right time, and I happened to have a camera with me :) First of all there was the “spotted sun” taken on March 8th 2011: Sunspot 1166 was very visible on pictures I took from a […]


has shown up in our garden! – and I pinched a little bit for our balcony too :) It must be said that at this night the temperature dropped to a -8.5 degrees though. All flowers and bulbs survived though. The first breakfast on the balcony is already a few weeks behind us; soon it […]