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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Spring must be in the air or so, blinding people?

Yesterday, some @#(&%Y tried to overtake over the pavement me while I was reversing into my carport (and thus blocking the street to stop people from doing so). So when I hit my brakes (because you have to stop when you do a special maneuver, he nearly tipped my cars nose off. Jr said the […]

vi is [[13~^[[15~^[[15~^[[19~^[[18~^ a muk[^[[29~^[[34~^[[26~^[[32~^ch better editor

(for my beloved notepad loving and VI hating colleagues ;) vi is [[13~^[[15~^[[15~^[[19~^[[18~^ a muk[^[[29~^[[34~^[[26~^[[32~^ch better editor than this emacs. I know I^[[14~’ll get flamed for this but the truth has to be said. ^[[D^[[D^[[D^[[D ^[[D^[^[[D^[[D^[[B^ exit ^X^C quit :x :wq dang it :w:w:w :x ^C^C^Z^D (original: — Jesper Lauridsen from alt.religion.emacs :) Edit: Here’s […]

Spectacul- AIR!

Via twitter I found a link about some interesting sky phenomenons. While clicking through the images I realised how many I’d seen myself already and wondered how many others would have. I even spotted a “fake” in between which made me laugh. Anyway, here are the links (with evt my comments) lightning in volcanoeruption Some […]

Bridge to the other side

While it was trying to snow today, Jr & I have done something we’ve not done before. We were both going to ride, together! Both secured and packed in warm we went on our way. While I was riding a friends’ mix between a German Warmblood and Dutch Friesian gelding Kim, Jr rode Sam, my […]

When the darkness sets in

February is known here for their beautiful sunsets. There is a lot of fog hanging around in the valleys and it’s rather humid. At night it’s cold, even freezing. It happens from time to time that the fog just buries itself as a layer in the lower part of the valleys, leaving the higher bits […]