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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Helpful car tips for the winter

“Rule number 1”: Wintertires Finally the wintertires are obligational here in Germany: If you are caught without them then you’ll be fined. Wintertires are made of softer and more flexible rubber than summertires, are preferably a bit less wide than the summertires as well. Also the profile is different so the grip on icy roads, […]

Hyberna.. Holiday on Lanzarote, December 2010

19.12.2010 – Lanzarote day 1: white butterflies for Christmas 20.12.2010 – Lanzarote day 2: Benidorm Bastards 21.12.2010 – Lanzarote day 3: The other side of the moon 22.12.2010 – Lanzarote day 4: GoPro underwater 23.12.2010 – Lanzarote day 5: Don’t come back, its really horrible here! 24.12.2010 – Lanzarote day 6: Volcanoes and cactii on […]