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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Lanzarote day 13: 12 grapes to go

Last real, full day today :( Tomorrow would be too early, especially with the program for this evening for New Years’ Eve. A slow “morning” with some shopping and looking for some souvenirs. Because it’s so obvious, lets’ not take this one though :) The afternoon program was a bit more fiery. The guy leading […]

Lanzarote day 12: Chasing the blue

Another early waking up (or let’s say, before 11) and we were picked up by someone that would bring us to our next excursion. Well, uhm, after having spent hours in luxury busses; this 15y old Opel Corsa 1.2 Diesel with already too many people in there was not really what we expected as ‘taxi’. […]

Lanzarote day 11: Nothing at all, only a Sirocco

After a long sleep; recovering from the trip to La Isla Graciosa the day before, and a late breakfast at the Restaurant it was beach time. Unfortunately the sirocco storm hadn’t settled down yet, so the wind was blowing over the sea towards the beach with immense force. The tide had shown how powerful the […]

Lanzarote day 10: magnificent Isla Graciosa

La Isla Graciosa is located north of Lanzarote. To get there we had to get the bus, then the boat. j And yes, IKEA has invaded Lanzarote. That explained the IKEA plastic cups and plates we had seen before :) While going north, the beaches were changing fast in color. From lava black to to […]