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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Winter Wonderland at the Neunkirchner Höhe!

Tweet Today was fantastic, just fantastic :D Winter has arrived!. The snow already started last Thursday and Friday (the bigger part) and the road to work was even more beautiful with the first snow. For all those dutchies living in the cold, wet windy parts near the coast: We had today our first big great […]

Constantly changing backgrounds on your ubuntu/linux desktop

Tweet On my website I had gathered and uploaded some wallpapers I’d like to use, but never found time to setup a constantly changing background wallpaper. Now, with help of this article and the script it’s a very quick step to get this done. I made a directory ‘wallpaper‘ (note: root user ownership) under /usr/share/backgrounds/ […]

5 years “Export-Hollaender”

Today it’s exactly 5 years ago Jr & I arrived in our new home in Germany, in the Bergstrasse underneath the Odenwald. I remember it as the day from yesterday, the truck with all our stuff, the last visit to friends we made in Holland, but most overwhelming was the trip from our old home […]

“the 40 year old virgin”

I just happened to find these bits out of a hilarious movie I’ve seen with friends a while ago: “The 40 year old virgin“. Have a look at the “behind the scenes” – and I’ll tell you, only baby oil is going to help :) In case you get an itchy or painful feeling: That’s […]

An old indians tale

source An old Indian tells his grandchild: In my chest live two wolves. One of them is the wolf of darkness, fear, distrust, despair and envy. The other one is the wolf of light, love, lust and the joy of life The grandchild asks: “And which of the two will win?” The old Indian replies: […]