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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Audi A4 B5 tail light replacement in pictures

The original Audi A4 B5 light contains the following setup (as picture above, otherwise scroll down for comparison): * the indicator in yellow on top, * the brake light at the outside * the normal lights in the middle, very very invisible when it rains * the reverse lights just below them, in white * […]

Salade Mediterrannée

A quick howto for a tasty salad. Tastes great as a stand-alone salad for the evening (due to the hughe amount of garlic being used ;) A heavy dry ros√© (spanish) or tasty strong dry rubin red wine (Shiraz) tastes fine with it. What you need: For the Vinaigrette: * A big lump of fresh […]

Japanese food!

Jr is not going to like it when he hears that we went to his favorite restaurant; Tokyo City in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Their website claims that it is located on the most beautiful place of Zoetermeer, which is something I can confirm :) If you have never been to a japanese restaurant: You will […]