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Monthly Archives: June 2010

On your way to Russia?

I received a mail yesterday from the Tersk Stud – they have an open day! Unfortunately they are rather far away, otherwise I would have loved to see my horses’ half brothers and sisters, and further down the lines! Also, from July 30th till August 2nd, at the Tersk Stud in the Mineralnie Vody, Stavropol […]

Things to do – when going on a holiday :)

Ow well, if there is one place I could see as the perfect interface of gathering a collection of links, ideas, pictures and videos, then it is my blog :) Not only I ‘abuse’ it as a diary, also it is very useful when it comes to researching things that happened in the past. The […]


For some reason I got something with lightning and thunderstorms. Not only they keep me awake during the nights, I also wake up from them despite the double glass and covers I got here. When I was a little girl, I once had a nightmare about lighthing. I was snoozing on the floor, in my […]

Teckel across the Bergstrasse

It’s been a while since I’ve been “out”. Out to the hills, the forest up there and enjoying the beautiful view over the Bergstrasse. So… Grabbed horse and went up there :) Not only me but definately horse was very much looking forward to it. The only thing which wasn’t that great was the bad […]