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Monthly Archives: May 2010

And just when you think you had it all…

please note that this article contains pictures which might not be considered appropriate if you do not like to see blood. Do not scroll down .. Then the man with the big Mercedes comes with a sharp knive, a bucket with rattling metal and all you remember was this needle in your neck and … […]

Horse Dentist visit

To ensure the teeth from a horse wear off properly, equally, it is a good habit to have a denstist check every year. When necessary he can file off sharp edges which hurt the horse while eating. A bit about horses and teeth Horseteeth grow and keep on growing, so when used in a wrong […]

All big things start in small steps

This weekend was again one of those days :) First of all we had fog in the morning – with just a glimpse of sun. Later in the afternoon the fog was gone and all we had was sun, loads of sun and it was so warm! The weather prediction was rain for today, we […]

Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2010 (Heppenheim-Alsbach)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2012 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach) Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2011 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim) Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2010 (Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach) Every first of May there is a “Winewalk” […]