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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Service plus service

Small but nice update: I just called the ADAC on 089 – 767670 and they promised to call back for my rental car within 15 minutes. So yes, after having answered the questions if I was alone when I got picked up yesterday (doh?), what car I have, what location I am in, where my […]

HOWTO Install Debian on an Sun LX50

While browsing through my backups, I also found this note from a former Sun Cobalt colleague of mine, Wouter van Reeven. I had a grin while reading. Im posting it though while maybe, out there, there are some lucky ones still owning an FKA Sun Microsystems’ LX50 and don’t know what to do with it. […]

Non-official Sun Cobalt Beta Packages

While cleaning up my backups, I found this website we, former Cobalt Networks Support people from EMEA, once made. The packages were made as an interim fix for some problematic officially released packages, however the team went so deep into it they developed their own packages – with – what I think was great: the […]

Soorten bestuurders en hun eigenschappen: De overwerkte vrachtwagenchauffeur

Soort Rijder: De overwerkte vrachtwagenchauffeur Andere typen bestuurders: De zakenman / de zakelijke rijder The White Van Man De zondagsrijder De niet-werkende (huis)vrouw van een goedverdienende (ex-)man. De overwerkte vrachtwagenchauffeur Beschrijving: Het zal je werk maar zijn, elke dag in de file staan, met een lading die voor een bepaalde tijd bezorgd moet worden en […]