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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Tour of the Universe, Depeche Mode in Düsseldorf, February 26th 2010

pictures available on flickr Pictures here too What actually was a rather “badly” scheduled concert, in the beginning of June, 2009, turned out to be the almost-last concert of Depeche Mode for their World Tour 2009/2010, Tour of the Universe! Unfortunately, due to illness of the singer, Dave Gahan, some parts of the world tour […]


As being “opposite” to speachless, which I was a few times today. Sometimes you get done more with less. Although we had a great ride yesterday, with Jr. on his bike and me on horseback, and I wanted to do more of that today, I decided to work on some basics. First of all the […]

Autumn again?

Full album can be found here The weatherprediction was “bit of wind, bit of rain, bit of snow and bit of sun”. We were lucky and only got a bit of wind, but moreover a lot of unexpected sun. The temperatures still being low, freezing in the nights, it cools down quite quick once the […]

Funny licenseplates – grappige kentekenplaten

A fun summary of the german licenseplates I have found in the meanwhile. In Germany one can choose more or less the last part of the licenseplate, for the first part you are bound to the city/area you live in. No, I am not going to translate the dutch part – ask a dutchy! The […]