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Monthly Archives: January 2010

bye Lali, hello Miri at DaDi

Despite many people wishing the spring would start, it did not stop snowing at all. We got more, so much more :) On top of that even more sun, what is more beautiful to wake up and see the sky being orange/blue, shining softly over the hills and houses covered in a powdery white shining? […]

Another Woman came across: Ina

And just when we thought winter was over, as the last bits of snow and ice from “Tief Daisy” melted away, something started again on the Sunday evening… Just a thin layer of snow, nothing new, it had been trying to settle all weekend already but did not succeed.. however … My colleagues that go […]

Oopsa Daisy

With the pleasant surprise of snow AND fresh wintertires we took the challenge to go to the stable. The streets were after the howling gail with loads of fine snow rather thick covered in fine, slippery blobs of snow. The main streets were mainly clear, or at least with a mashy layer of snow, easy […]

Daisy tires out

With “Tief” Daisy coming our way, bringing loads of snow it was time to get the wintertires renewed. Driving too long on them with too high temperatures was not really a good thing, but hey, I thought november was time to change them. Well, I was wrong :) It has been very warm until mid […]