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Monthly Archives: November 2009

A horse fallen in love ..

Horse time again! Although we expected Muratah on Sunday, the people that wanted to transport him to his new place called and cancelled. Muratah was not the problem with trailerloading, as he has proved a few times in the past. His sis was acting up this time and as both of ’em had to be […]

“The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!”

While enjoying the view outside I noticed that a house in the neighbourhood produced quite a lot of smoke. First I thought they had started their heating, causing the same amount of white smoke. Nothing strange in this area, many people burn quite a lot of wood when it gets cold, smells awesome. A few […]

All in Love

After the walk in the beautiful forest last week my camera I got from Snow had decided to give up. After over 1 year of fulltime duty and over 20000 pictures in harsh environments, wet, warm cold and sandy environments it had has more than served his purposes. Time to look for a new one. […]

Another wet day

Although this morning was not exactly the weather I had in mind, not even being able to reach a max speed of over 180km/h .. .. it ended the same way in the evening, with one difference: I was amazed by the speed Jr. managed to feel comfortable in the water again. I must say […]

Goldener Oktober, Golden heart in November

Goldener Oktober / Sunday in November On Sunday Jr. and I went for a ride, me on my 1+bhp and jr on his bike, to run off some of his overflow of energy he had picked up during the week. We went to the forest nearby where autumn had hit the trees, so all was […]