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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Smart Ass – soon to be found on the Frankfurter IAA?

Got this one from a good friend of mine and I just wanted to share it; had such a great laugh about this today! :) What we all will be forced to drive quite soon: but look at all the great new choices we will have from Smart cars: the Smorvette the Smaudi A3 Quattro […]

For when it all gets to be too much …

Last week I got sent this link from a good friend of mine, with the above subject: weebls-stuff It got stuck in my head and all I can say now is …. aaaaaaaaaaaaahaha If my friend reads this: I’m gonna test you tomorrow to see if you changed your ringtone to … aaaaaaaaaaaaahaha :P Share:

Kreatief met Audi en Knijpers (aka: Audi A6 ’96 with LEDs)

On a warm, humid & sticky Sunday afternoon while playing around with bits and pieces of my Audis I decided to finally get my LED chain build in. With winter coming around the corner I preferred to be a bit more seen in the darkness. For the same reason I have got this LED Licenseplate […]

Gymkhana : the only weakness is the rubber

Well, wrote something about Walter Röhrl, so I had to write something about someone else that rocks: Ken Block The first video I’ve seen from him made me quiet while watching until the end. (for people that don’t know me: That doesn’t happen very often). Here it is, I wonder if you are as stunned […]

Gute Fahrer .. haben die Fliegenreste auf den Seitenscheiben.

The question is: How fast did I reverse to kill this bug? ;) Some great quotes (in german though) I read from Walter Röhrl, Audi’s S1 driver for Pikes Peak: Ein Auto ist erst dann schnell genug, wenn man morgens davor steht und Angst hat es aufzuschließen. “Wenn du den Baum siehst, in den du […]