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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Top Gears Loosers

When you are travelling many many miles, it sometimes happens you see something funny while driving, a better thing to happen than idiots on the roads. Or belgians.. I had a great laugh today on the german Autobahn. It reminded me of Jeremy Clarksons “Looosers” while he was fighting with his midget against a american […]

Day 10 – To blog or not to blog, thats the question

Good morning 6:59. Good morning to the men that clean up the garbagebins from the streets. Thank you for throwing the bottles into the container so hard that they break. This was another waking up moment next to the waking up everytime, pushing someone back to his side, picking up his blankets from the ground […]

Day 9 – Mi Casa

It was only 03:21 this morning. Something really really pissed me off. Apperantly the private garden here is being used for “private meetings”. This one seemed to be a scheduled one though, as there were more english youngsters gathering around the backyard and handys were used to get together. I am not happy with the […]

Day 8 – Nerds on the Beach

GOEIEMORREGEHH!!! Try to say this as loud as possible with the lowest voice one can get, and add to that the time, shortly past half past 7. It was a bit of a shock, but we knew what this was for. A walk to the next village over the beach, and the wakeupcall which we […]

Day 7 – Goggle sunset

When we woke up this morning it was different. The same clubs closing at shortly past 5AM, the same groups of mostly english people shouting and singing out loud, but there was a complete different sound from the sea. When it was light enough (when I opened my eyes again) it was a different view. […]