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Monthly Archives: May 2009

“Nibble” gelungen

Today was also for me a beautiful new experience. On our way through the Odenwald, we dropped for “Abendbrot” in Lindenfels. Lindenfels is a small, but very remarkable and idyllic city at the Nibelungenstraße here in the Odenwald. Many houses are very old. It’s got a beautiful view on the valley in the south. Also […]

Birthdays four all

Yeah, nature planned badly: we do have all four of ours within 2 months :) We had a very nice one this year surrounded by family and friends. Quite a few people even came from Holland to visit us and personally handover some presents to Junior, who had his 7th birthday also this May. It’s […]


I’ve been called “Audifetishist” a few times, and now someone seemed to have picked up the word and made a very, very nice drawing ;) (no, this is just “coincidence”, as far as that exists :) I must admit.. I love it! Source: and

Tarmac Maniac

As far as the “Autofreie Bergstrasse 2009” allowed us, we went up into the Odenwald again to meet our little man Muratah. With the weather above 25 degrees and the sunny season just started, we met some very nice ‘oldtimers’ on the road. We were first surirpsed with about 15 BMW Isetta’s coming down “our” […]