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Monthly Archives: February 2009


but so right! wrong (link found via Last.FM just in case you wonder) I was born with the wrong sign In the wrong house With the wrong ascendancy I took the wrong road That led to the wrong tendencies I was in the wrong place at the wrong time For the wrong reason and the […]

Battenberg-Mountbatten special

click for larger image Although the weather was not that nice (cold, wet, windy), we went uphill to enjoy the view from the ‘Goldenes Kreuz’ onto the Rhein Valley click for larger image close to the Schloss Heiligenberg on the Heiligenberg (‘Sacred Mountain’) click for larger image On the Jugenheimer Hauptstrasse, the road from the […]

Sturmschaden …

No, nothing wrong here, no storm (yet) ;) I just had a good laugh about a mail a German woman wrote to her German insurance company, after her fence got torn apart by the storm. The German insurance company had asked for an explanation before the woman could claim the damage. The word ‘German’ has […]

Junior Online

“Junior” Muratah and me have been through some “testing” phases. Testing each other, trying to find out what the best way is to achieve what we both want, as we have had some “problems”. Let’s see if I can scribble them down. Let’s sum up first what I want and what I don’t want: * […]

Valentine’s Day

Discussion between my Jr. (6y old boy) and a friend of mine Hey, jr, what are you making there? That’s a Valentine’s card for my dad. You know that Valentine cards are actually meant to give to girls. To girls?? And dads are there for getting money from. … Silence from jr. and a deep […]