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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Red balls with fire

With spring slowly coming back again (at least, the temperature is above 0 and there is plenty of sun) other creatures slowly “wake up” as well. Such a great fun day yesterday with the little stallion. First of all he showed off so much, like he was being carried by the wind, then he started […]

Good morning. Stay covered: dutch weather

Woke up this morning with a familiair sound from a long time ago. It came from Jr’s room. It was the wind and the rain against the window in his room. I had to think for a while where I had heard this before.. Jr. instead did crawl back under his duvet, something I wish […]

What started as a typo..

.. seems to grow into something on it’s own.. One of the very impressive results is this one here: or this one: And here’s the link to the XXL version: R8 Warhol Share: