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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Rock and Roll

pas de deux album can be found here (22.12.2008, 6 months, 3 days young) sans quattro album can be found here (25.12.2008, 6 months 6 days young) Please note. If you do get some “OH SHIT” feeling when watching the pictures below, do remember I’m not a professional horse trainer or so. The foal is […]

Auuuuu.. die!

It’s been a while ago that I’ve been to Audi Neckarsulm. Not to pickup an Audi like everyone else does, but just for my hobby; carphotography. And ofcourse meeting with some of my friends there :) Some kind of “Weihnachtsfeier” so to say – with a nice Christmascard on top: First of all I was […]

Grote matpartij op Haags parkeerdek

(source : AMSTERDAM – Ongeveer dertig mensen hebben zondagavond op een parkeerdek in Den Haag een 18-jarige Hagenaar en zijn drie vrienden in elkaar geslagen. Vermoedelijk was dit gevolg van een ruzie in een discotheek op zaterdagavond, meldt de politie. Het Haagse viertal zat rond 19.10 uur in een auto op het parkeerdek aan […]

Battle of the fastest

Well, what could be faster in a sprint from 0-50km/h with 1PS; 1x 4motion with 170 kg or 1×400+1x65kg? Now what could that be? ;) I’ve been riding Sharmenta today again and the little stallion Muratah was running next to us – or behind us. Ofcourse the little stallion was faster :) However, after a […]


Well, I was looking for some snow and I definately got it. Not here, but a bit further into Germany. It was a nice way of finding out what it is to drive on show. On a flat road not a single problem. However, if the path is frozen over *and* goes uphill a bit, […]