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Monthly Archives: November 2008


While watching the beautiful sunrise outside, I made a test, just for fun, to see how much my sins would cost me (german version): Der SÜNDENRECHNER Not bad, only EU1200,- :) (Thanks, Moni, I’ll never get close to your amount which was double ;) And here’s another one – to see how “verdeutscht” one should […]

3 years – celebrate good times

Somewhere still unbelievable – it’s been three years that we’re here! Here, as in my new home in Germany, in a nice village, with a view on the hills of the Odenwald, away from the city and Randstadt in Holland where I lived for too long. (Yes, I am getting “germanized”, I even wrote “Randstadt” […]

Dancing Monkeys

After a more than stressful week and another one with some important goals to be reached … it was more than great to be able to sit back and relax. As the weather here in the Bergstrasse is always a bit better than predicted, there was some sun, no wind and a clear blue sky. […]