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Monthly Archives: November 2008


While watching the beautiful sunrise outside, I made a test, just for fun, to see how much my sins would cost me (german version): Der SÜNDENRECHNER Not bad, only EU1200,- :) (Thanks, Moni, I’ll never get close to your amount which was double ;) And here’s another one – to see how “verdeutscht” one should […]

3 years – celebrate good times

Somewhere still unbelievable – it’s been three years that we’re here! Here, as in my new home in Germany, in a nice village, with a view on the hills of the Odenwald, away from the city and Randstadt in Holland where I lived for too long. (Yes, I am getting “germanized”, I even wrote “Randstadt” […]

Dancing Monkeys

After a more than stressful week and another one with some important goals to be reached … it was more than great to be able to sit back and relax. As the weather here in the Bergstrasse is always a bit better than predicted, there was some sun, no wind and a clear blue sky. […]

Back from the light, into the night

Amazing how early it is dark here. After the change in summertime to wintertime it’s almost dark when I finish work. I keep an eye on this ‘calendar’ here to see when the days get longer and the nights will be shorter again, but for now it’s still waiting until the Weihnachten are there. One […]