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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Right where it belongs

I got ‘triggered’ by this message I received from a friend Verdomd mooie natuur daar waar jij woont. Hier zie ik alleen maar randstad uit het raam ;-) (translated: “Damn beautiful nature there where you live. When I look out of the windows I only see Randstad.”) And I thought.. “right where it belongs” – […]

a Fairy Tail

Album from the Fairy Tail can be found here We had to wait until we were all together.. You do not want to know how steep that hill is, it is amazing how quickly he powers up that hill. With a beautiful over 3 hour walk through the autumn forest we enjoyed the sunset from […]

On the move

To stop specific people from being too nosey we’ve decided to move the horses to another field again. It’s far away from here, but a beautiful environment for them. Let’s just describe it as their holiday resort :) Here’s how we got there: The first time the box starts rolling.. When this is your first […]