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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Pics for “On the border….. “

As I just wrote in XING .. “hat heute hautnah erlebt wie nah Leben und Tod an einander verbunden sind …. ” I’ve tried to catch the “dead eye” in a picture this afternoon. She sometimes had a little ‘drop in energy’ where it was visible she wasn’t well, although she tried to keep alert […]

On the border…..

It’s a thin line between life and death. I nearly lost a good friend of mine today. She didn’t ‘feel good’ yesterday, walked away, didn’t want to eat, was skinny and had an awful smell around her only the flies did like. Vet was called immediately, but due to circumstances only this morning we could […]

Nice youtube comment about Menes

To my surprise I just got a very nice comment on my video of Sharmenta showing off in the snow. It’s not about the video. It’s about Menes, her dad, and it describes *exactly* what I like so much in “Menes” children. You can learn a lot from them, although people describe them as “difficult”… […]