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Monthly Archives: August 2008

First steps “in the air” online :)

All beginning is difficult. For both. After the most sleepiest approach we had yesterday with Ian Benson, the little 2,5 month old “man” is now alot more awake. If only I could run that fast, I had a hard time to keep up and not pull the halter, but we got there in the end. […]

The very first time “online”

Today was a day with a lot of new things. First of all there was this woman in the field I didn’t know. Together with my human and mom she had my moms feet up and cut bits off. She seemed to be relieved to walk again. Then Musheera went. Then Cheyenne, my “big aunt” […]

2 months…

Time flies. 2 months are an incredible difference between the newborn colt and the little stallion we’re dealing with now. He’s courageous, crossing borders, but very honest and sometimes not that smart, a bit blonde even :) I’ve tried to capture the 2 months worth in pictures. You’ll see him grow, and if you know […]

I’m Yello and Blue again..

The people that know me already know what I’ve done last night I guess :)) For the people that don’t, this is a part of what I saw this morning :) Even the poor webcam has been blown over – chairs were moved and such. Why o why is it always cloudy and very windy […]