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Monthly Archives: July 2008

warm & sweaty, flying high

Album can be found here (29.07.2008, 5 weeks 5 days young) A special day today. I learned quite a few new things. First of all this little human which is so much fun playing with – I guess he’s as scared from me as I’m from him – shows me some funny items I don’t […]

Family Trip

Album can be found here (27.07.2008, 5 weeks 3 days young) Today it was a very warm and humid day, no rain though. It was just very warm and very humid. I couldn’t do much else than sleeping, eating some and then going down for a rest again. My human showed up with the little […]

Golden Moments

Album can be found here (21.07.2008, 4 weeks 4 days young) After a very wet and warm day with loads of thunderstorms I was soaking wet .. and then .. when my humans appeared it stopped raining! First I said “hello” and then got very very shy .. And then .. the itching of a […]

Play, mate!

Album can be found here (20.07.2008, 4 weeks 3 days young) Now, that was a surprise! The little human I hadn’t seen for so long appeared in my field all of a sudden! Somewhere between curiousity and being scared I decided to have a good second look at him. I also noticed he wasn’t that […]