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Daily Archives: Saturday 28 June, 2008

It won’t happen if you plan

(27.06.2008, 8 days young) Today another day where the sky was grey and humid and warm, preferred to lie down and get a bit of rest. It took a while until it cooled down so I could go for a sprint session again. The field is getting bigger, which is very nice for large runs, […]


Album can be found here (26.06.2008, 7 days young) Woke up this morning, again. It was quiet, so I decided to test my legs a bit. They are pretty comfortable in standing, however lying down is still difficult. I’ve learned to fold my hind legs between my front legs, then go down on my front […]

Far Far Away, where’s Donkey?

Album can be found here (23.06.2008, 4 days young) Geez! I’m knackered! We were going on this same walk again and all of a sudden it didn’t go in the direction we normally went. I had to walk on funny hard grey sand on which big colourful horses on round legs were running around with […]

day 3, predators..

Album can be found here (22.06.2008, 3 days young) Had a whole day of rest, and then all of a sudden in the evening my mom happily neighed at some strange lights in the distance. That’s weird, if i look in there I can’t see anything anymore .. The creature came closer, went to the […]