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Monthly Archives: June 2008

day 3, predators..

Album can be found here (22.06.2008, 3 days young) Had a whole day of rest, and then all of a sudden in the evening my mom happily neighed at some strange lights in the distance. That’s weird, if i look in there I can’t see anything anymore .. The creature came closer, went to the […]

Day 1 – Hello World!

Album can be found here (20.06.2008, 1 day young) So.. There you are. Things are visible. You have just seen someone switched the light on again. Did not move away from your mom. Followed every movement she made. You need it for survival, you don’t even know why you make those moves, but it feels […]

Water Ballet

Album can be found here (25.06.2008, 6 days young) Now this was a fun start of the day. Someone switched the lights on, like normal. Something then all of a sudden started to first fly around me, pulling my hairs and tail, then I got a lot of pats on my back. My mom decided […]

Hello World!

Album can be found here Now where should we start? The mother, the father, the mother and the father or just with the result? Let’s start first with “the result” : It’s Muratah, it’s a boy, and it’s a horse. It’s a little arabian thoroughbred colt at the moment, but it will grow out to […]