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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Medieval Music

And here’s something completely different! Medieval Music; improvised as well. Tune in and enjoy. Comments welcome! Promoroaca (1) [audio:promoroaca_Sonja+Heiko_2008-06-11.mp3] Promoroaca (2) [audio:promoroaca_Sonja+Heiko.mp3] Allemande: Harfe & Gitarre [audio:2_Allemande_Harfe+Gitarre.mp3] Allemande (1) [audio:allemande1_2008-03-16_OK.mp3] Allemande (2) [audio:allemande2_Arrangementbesser-schlechter gespielt.mp3] Schiara (2) [audio:schiara2.mp3] Schiara (3) [audio:schiara_03-22-lang.mp3] Thule [audio:thule_22.3.mp3] Troika [audio:troika_03-22_Experimente.mp3] Arabischer Traum [audio:Arabischer-Traum_4Min.mp3]

Music: whatever you like! You’ll get it!

Being known as a music-lover; a friend tipped me to look at Clipinc This way you can listen to various radiostreams (simultaneously), search for music you like.. and the best: Clipinc tags the songs and splits them, so you can download them for personal use! Interested? Download clipinc and try for yourself: Download clipinc and […]

women according to men

Hausfrau.pdf is what I received from Max (danke, Max :P I’LL KILL YOU!! :D ) It’s funny to read that this was written in (only!) 1955 – and I know of people that still think this is ‘present’. PS: Max: I’ll forgive you. In return, can I still testdrive your S3? And TT? ;)