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Monthly Archives: September 2007

mixes for the masses

After a whole year full of nothing I decided to drop some links to some stuff I made. Enjoy! :) *new*Heavy snow falling slow [audio:20080324_heavy_slow_snow.mp3] *new*Rare white easter [audio:20080321_rare_white_easter.mp3] Einfach nur so.. [audio:20070102_sylvester.mp3] based on Ri1ke Pr0ject [audio:20070630_classic_loop_remix.mp3] Autobahnfahren auf eigene Gefahr [audio:20070731_heavy.mp3] based on K1ngd0m [audio:20070902_kingdom.mp3] pump it up: 130bpm [audio:20070903_free.mp3] Audiquattro chasingcars [audio:20070111_audiquattro_chasingcars.mp3]

Always in the Past

Now this might be something completely different. .but.. :) Wanted to drop some more links about the beautiful “change of worlds” experience my son and me had a year ago. For “us, grown ups” it might look strange to see people walk in medieval clothes; no “modern” things allowed. However, for kids it is like […]