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Corse 2017/07/21 – day 6 : Across landscapes

This morning started nice. Like, as in, someone returning way too late and then saying he’s off again. Well, no. And then it was only just after 12.. at night. So later in the morning it didn’t turn to much more positivity. So mom was ‘mean’ and decided to move on, away from this camping, […]

Corse 2017/07/20 – day 5 : Up your Bavella

This morning was an early call. Not good if one has been partying all night till too late. Unfortunately the “Mom” alarm was set to early, so bread could be collected early at the Magasin. Fortunately the Magasin was open at 8 so after a round via the beach it was open. The tiredness kicked […]

Corse 2017/07/19 – day 4 : Modern Monastery

Today was another early wake up; to get breakfast in in time. And after that? Some training. Serrada Escrima it was; trying out some of the freeflow exercises and that worked out pretty well: Noone got hurt (that much) Late in the afternoon I decided to go up to the Spar to get water (it […]