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When Swarm met Steve :)

Image: Dave Markel Photography One of the – for me personally – most touching space related messages I received recently was that a group of aurora enthusiasts and atmospheric scientists had spotted a atmospheric phenomenon which didn’t have a name yet. It’s a purple beam of light (directed east – west) which shows up between […]

Come walk with me through the evening light.

Come walk with me through the evening light. Let us talk of those things that matter to us most, the questions we have carried the longest, the visions we have seen, the dreams we still believe in. Let us laugh at the things we share in common and marvel at our differences. Let us help […]

ExoMars about to set probe on Mars: timeline

It’s only a few days to go until the ExoMars mission’s satellite Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) will drop of it’s little probe Schiaparelli (EDM) onto the surface of Mars. Launched on the 14th March 2016 it took Exomars about 7 months to geto to Mars. And on the 16th of October, it will separate from […]

Watch Rosetta’s story, from 1985 till 2016

Just watch this 30 minute video about the Rosetta Spacecraft; from the day of her ‘birth’ on paper, on May 22nd 1985 until her scheduled plunge on comet P67, Churyumov Gerasimenko, September 30th 2016. What an enormous achievement, what an incredible source of data for science and what a life this satellite Rosetta and her […]

Rosetta’s last days: Try not to cry…

How cute: #Rosetta shaped tissue box in for sad spaceflight controllers. #CometLanding (made by @me_too) — Andreas (@AndreasSchepers) September 29, 2016 But then … :/ Go watch “Ambition – Epilogue” : Some ‘behind the scenes’ from the Philae Lander and Rosetta Mission can be found here: ESA Rosetta cometlander Philae wakes up! Where did […]