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A walk through the white Odenwald

Despite multiple snowstorms being promised by weather prediction apps like, it seemed only kachelmannwetter was right: No snow. Just a little bit. And so we went up in the Odenwald yesterday evening when it finally started to snow, only to see what was up there. And it looked prosperous. So today we went up […]

Sunset tour around snowy Burg Frankenstein

As we’re on the border of the Rheingraben here, we’ve got quite some high hill peeking out either over the fog in the winter, or catching the snow that doesn’t want to stay in lower regions. And there’s nothing better to end the week than driving uphill to enjoy the latest sunsets that we’ll be […]

German police with a sense of humor <3

Not long ago on twitter I saw another post from our local police. More speedchecks, fine, but what annoyed me is that their laserpointer looks more and more like a gun. And a gun is not a thing I like to have pointed at me these days, with all those headless chicken terror reports everywhere. […]