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Tina Turner – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Just one video, something I found last week and I never knew it existed. It’s Tina Turner chanting a buddhist mantra called Nam Myoho Rengo Kyo. I never would have thought her raw voice sounds so well with it. From the youtube page which goes with it: Get ‘Beyond’ Featuring Tina Turner Chanting Nam […]

Happy music vs RundFuckGebühr

Sometimes I even wonder why I pay for the German Radio & TV here in Germany. Yes, it’s your “duty” being a German citizen. They can even take the money from your account if you refuse to pay. Maybe I should pay them in cash – like one stroppy (but oh so right) German decided […]

Monk on Acid – A trip to Pluto (and beyond)

Source: While browsing around in the magical musical underworld of Youtube & skies of Soundcloud, I found one song that caught my ears: “Monk On Acid – A Trip To Pluto #169 – Alien World” After a bit of research on above platforms I contacted the publisher and asked him if it was downloadable […]

Felsenmeer in Flammen: A natural spectacle with music and lasershow

And another spectacular show was brought on air tonight, including fireworks and very good music. This years’ theme was “A trip around the world” – with music with accents from several places; like Brazil, New York, China. My favorite: Felsenmeer in Flammen 2014: Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song) @ YouTube Not sure […]