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Weihnachtsmarkt Schloss Lichtenberg, Fischbachtal

Yesterday evening we drove through the dark but beautifully lit Odenwald to a little village nearby; Fischbachtal. So many leftovers of snow that have never reached us down in the Rhinevalley. While going from one hill to another, we all of a sudden saw an orange glow behind a hill. It was the moon rising, […]


Right, was it really this morning when I went to sleep? I remember I slept well, but short. And then I had to get the bread. I vaguely remembered that my mom said we didn’t need to order new bread for the next morning, and thus I didn’t. I then got to choose between washing […]

Sweet salt

This morning I woke up because my mom woke up – actually, she already was back with the bread. And when I was finally awake I made my run to the sea, stuck my head in the water and ran back again. Just like a few years ago in Portugal. Not much later, after the […]


This morning my mom had to get up early as she needed to go to the bank in Propriano. And that was going to be a 20 minute -single way- drive. She wanted to be on the road before 12 as we would be travelling around 88km to our new camping on the east side […]