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Red Nose Horse and the cat.

Can we talk with horses? No, not in the way we’re used to, like with other people. But we can actually talk with them, non verbal, with only our bodies and posture. But do you know horses do understand body language very well? As they can’t scream or cry or laugh, they’ve become experts in […]

It’s quattro time again!

With the first snow already fallen on the 3rd of December, it’s time for the Audi Quattro to feel in it’s element. Having posted a “typical pro quattro” picture previously, this was the answer I got: BMW X5 vs Audi Q5: Ofcourse the BMW was better than the Audi! But then, was it really like […]

Corsica day 13 – Follow the Ford

Today was travelday again, which means getting up early to get breakfast and get the tent packed and everything else in and around it. My mom doesn’t like loose things in the car while driving through Corsica so we had to be well prepared. Anyway, my mom woke me up early and said she’d been […]