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Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu

For whatever reason, if I hear this music, either be it playing live, or, what happens more and more often these days, when it plays in my mind and I whisper the words… … if I’m stuck in a traffic jam, I smile and see the things I wouldn’t see whilst driving by on an […]

A big thank you to my blacksmith

Monday morning, 7 AM. It’s still dark when I wake up. Drive off way too early to the stable for the appointment I got for my 2 horses with the blacksmith. Or, actually, “hoof carer” as I prefer to call him. With his sarcastic comment, shortly after 7 AM when he arrived, I think that […]

24 hours in the life of a flight animal, caged in a box.

05:30 Snoozing. My neighbour at the right stands up and shakes the dust off. Standing around. Short greeting, nose to nose through the metal bars. Walking around in a circle. Standing around. My neighbour at the left is still sleeping on his side. Standing around. It’s dark. Walking around in a circle. Standing around. She […]

Red Nose Horse and the cat.

Can we talk with horses? No, not in the way we’re used to, like with other people. But we can actually talk with them, non verbal, with only our bodies and posture. But do you know horses do understand body language very well? As they can’t scream or cry or laugh, they’ve become experts in […]