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Corse 2017/07/21 – day 6 : Across landscapes

This morning started nice. Like, as in, someone returning way too late and then saying he’s off again. Well, no. And then it was only just after 12.. at night.
So later in the morning it didn’t turn to much more positivity. So mom was ‘mean’ and decided to move on, away from this camping, to the next one, were a lot more of “nothing” could be done just like what was wanted for and aimed at: “doing nothing”.
There’s not much worse than a bad night sleep and being continued with grumpy puberty moods swinging in and out.
After a demanding 2 hours, the pitch was finally cleared and then Jr could do whatever he wanted. So he was off to the volleyball pitch where he wanted to go way earlier. And mom went to the reception to pay.
We first went down south to just before Porto-Vecchio; then up to the mountains via a rather farmland road through some villages, also stuck behind a German van which didn’t seem t find it’s third gear. BUt then, at a T crossing we were free to g uphill with the tank, up to the Lac d’Ospedale.
Halfway we had to stop to enjoy the panoramic view. Even better were the guys from the firefighters up in their cabine watching over the roads and giggling over some internet videos and other stuff they were sharing.
From the Panoramic we went via the Lac d’Ospedale over a more and more known road down north to the camping “La Riviere”; near Zonza. And after the fantastic roundabout and 24 turns we finally went uphill; . This time we had a place even closer to the river, and higher on the hill. THe view: priceless; as it didn’t leave any mankind constructions between the forest, the river and us. Absolutely fantastic, yet again.
Later in the evening I went down and saw the people gathering around the dinnertables and the BBQs that were ready and n fire for own brought meat. It was cosy and yet private enough to entertain.
Sunset was quick, and shortly after 2100 it was dark. The skies here are however filled with stars, as far as one can see them through the many trees up here. Yes, we got lucky to have found yet another place with much shadow and yet enough place fr tent, car and hammock.

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Corse 2017/07/20 – day 5 : Up your Bavella

This morning was an early call. Not good if one has been partying all night till too late.
Unfortunately the “Mom” alarm was set to early, so bread could be collected early at the Magasin.
Fortunately the Magasin was open at 8 so after a round via the beach it was open.

The tiredness kicked in with Jr and slicing and preparing a bread took a long while.
Mom had already packed everything and then was waiting for Jr who decided that that was just the right time to sit some more on the toilet. It is that the main cleaning hose was locked and sealed …

We then took the road up to Quenza, the Aguilles de Bavilla. Having seen it from the sea 2 years ago made me want to go up, just to see how close one could get. The parking lot at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, the Col de Bavella should be just the right start, but one had to be there early as it is crowded.

The drive was a short but steady one, fortunately not many cars at 9:30 in the morning. We arrived exactly at the parking lot at 10 , there were still places free (!!!) and then started our walk uphill.

While planning and preparing trips it is very nice that google maps says it’s only 3km, but … It doesn’t mention the steep hill (yet) that one has got to climb to get there. The closest refuge was a neat 5 hours away and that is for trained people (I guess).

So we went for the first “Bocca” and that was already quite tiresome. First the road was nice and steady, through a not-so-dense forest. There were signs of animals around (dump) but none to be seen, THere were quite some people hiking in rather variated clothing and shoes.

From the forest we went on the south side of a hill, nicely paved in red rocks and a sandy track in between. It was not that crowded, which was good. And most people were going up anyway, except for the die-hards that came down from the GR20.

The road started to become more steep and with a turn to the right it starte to climb uphill between two pointy rocks. There it became really steep, over 50% and it was basically just stairs of loose rock that had to be climbed. The views were however stunning, and the sun wasn’t that burning hot yet.

We reached the “top” of this first hill after around one hour. It is called Bocca di u Truvone, and is located at 1334m above sealevel.

On one side it was really nice and warm and calm, on the other side it was quite fresh and windy. So we decideed to have our lunch/snack at the warm side and watched the ants grabbing our saucage (saucisson sec) and walk away with it.

We decided to walk back, as it wasn’t clear where the road would take us, and we’d taken already so long to get there, keeping in mind we had to take the same way back. And as climbing is easier than descending .. While going downhill we saw people climbing uphill with sandals and boat shoes, and we wondered if and how they were going to continue their climb.
We both made some nasty slips as the sand over the rocks was like gravel.

Also a bit because we got distracted by the view and the amount of big lizzards around us.

Just before we were back at the parking lot we saw a stripe of white crystal popping out of the red rocks, it was remarkable as we only could see it clearly from above, not while climbing up.

From there onwards it was only a few more minutes through the forest to get back to the parking lot. But mom had something different in mind. Having had a few slides and a few wrong steps downhill I needed some straight road to relax the muscles again. So we ate an icecream (leaving Jr completely “confused”; to get an icecream one had to get it from the fridge and bring it to the counter before one could pay for it.)
And then, completely by surprise, we went to the Trou de la Bombe (bomb hole).
The road towards it was a flat and wide one, and lots of families with kids were coming back from the other direction. We had to walk quite a bit and then the road went into the forest, which was completely green and had the ground covered with ferns. The wind blew through the pine forest and it gave this soft whistle, as if one was completely alone.
Then the next bunch of screaming kids and parents trying to guide them came

Corse 2017/07/19 – day 4 : Modern Monastery

Today was another early wake up; to get breakfast in in time. And after that? Some training. Serrada Escrima it was; trying out some of the freeflow exercises and that worked out pretty well: Noone got hurt (that much)
Late in the afternoon I decided to go up to the Spar to get water (it isn’t really drinkable here), but beforehand I wanted to see some of the little village above Solenzara: Sari.

Around 500m before the entrance of the village there’s a parking lot and a plate mentioning a monastery, around 2km away from the parking lot. That sounded like a nice invite to stop and discover.
The road quickly changed into a green shade with bumps and bits; with a beautiful view over the valley below.
And on the other side the Aguilles de Bavilla were watching over the area. What an immense view over those rocks that have withstand so much testing by weather and climate.
Just behind the Monastery the road continued with a few options, to go either over the hill, or go down to the beach or the village. Still having got something to buy for this evening’s dinner I quickly returned the same way (smething I preferably don’t do), this time it showed me another beautiful view of the area as the sun had set. Thankfully I was still in time to drive all the way downhill and to get to the Supermarket in time.

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Corse 2017/07/17 – day 2 : Sea, Sand, River and sun

It was 06:15 and we just got woken up by the ship announcement that breakfast was being served.

It was still dark outside! Until we opened up the curtains: A soft glow was visible and remotely a few islands could be seen.

Jr walked out the other direction and he saw Corsica, we were just in front of Sisco. Just another hour and we would be there!

But first: Coffee!

We had time to get some breakfast and a some time to quietly wake up while we were staring at the Isle de Beaute that approached quick.

Another Corsica Ferries ship was in front of us, entinering the harbor of Bastia when the Pilote ship came by to enter our ship. Amazing how the guy just jumped ship and climbed inside the Mega Smeralda. 10 minutes later we were asked to prepare and go down towards the car decks.

We were quite in front of everyone and could get into our car without problems.

And, the yellow Corsica Ferries sticker for 2017 was on <3 Once on Bastia we took the long straight road down south, it's surface was pretty much renewed on many places. We stopped to get some refreshments and food for tonight; then continued down the route towards the first camping we would have a stop at: Cote de Nacres in Solaro, near Sari-Solenzara. It's a camping next to the river and at the beach near the sea. We arrived shortly before 11 but unfortunately all places at the sea were already taken. We then found a very nice shady place underneath the eucalyptus trees and setup tent, table and seats. Jr went out to the sea and swam until late, I was getting stuff a bit organized and some well deserved rest. The long drive and the short nights had tired me out quite a lot. Late in the evening we went to the beach together and got us a pizza which we ate on the beach while the sun was setting fast. The interesting view was the shadow of the earth which appeared to be not round as usual: It was higher due to the mountains behind us. And shortly after, we only had the stars, planets and satellites hovering over us. Overview:
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