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Corsica day 19

This morning we both somehow succeeded to wake up at way past 10, so we had to go to the Spar nearby to fetch our breakfast. My mom took my favorite Mousse de Canard au Port and we both bought cards to be sent out. But so many cards were quite tiresome, so I suggested I should just put the names on there and put then in the mailboxes when we were home. My mom didn’t agree on that one though. After I finished breakfast my mom said she would get the bread and drinks ready and I disappeared with the surfboard and rest towards the beach. Not much later my mom pulled me out again for the usual ritual of the “anti sunburn dance” and I could go back again.
My mom came over as well into the sea with bodyboard and flippers and we had a swim together to the other beach. It was not as ‘wavy’ as the days before, but still there were some nice waves. When we got closer to the other beach my mom approached the rocks there and showed how close we could get with bodyboard thanks to the flippers. It’s all a matter of rhythm and doing the right things at the right moment, but you only get there if you do it and practice it.
While my mom swam back the whole way I went over the rocks in front of the hotel and there were some nice discoveries in there, like soft, small sand for instance, not the little stones we got furhter at our beach. We were going back at the same pace and then I jumped into the water again and we both swam towards the little boat which was in the water there. My mom showed me where it was safest to be amongst boats when they are moving or in the water. Then I decided to swim back all the way and after I ate something I was back in the water again for an hour. My mom said I should be back at 18h and reserve a table at the little restaurant again, but I kind of forgot the time again and dove off with my friend for a while longer.
But when she said I could get bread instead as well I was back real quick and I went up to the restaurant to order a table for two with sea view at 19:30. We went back to the camping to pack a bit, clean a bit and then back to the restaurant again. But then I found out that the woman had understood 9:30 so we were 2 hours early. And we didn’t get a place at the beach either. But still it was good enough. After I had a stroll through the whole menu card i decided I did want to get moules a la diane with Pommes Frites and then my mom quickly taught me how to ask for desert of at least the card for desert. When the woman came by she got my order for a Tarte Fine avec Pommes, Caramel et Sauce de Vanille, something I had never tried before. But if you never try something new then you won’t ever get to find out something new either and you will never find out if you like that or not.
The jazz music which was playing I really liked but then the band started to gear and warm up next door at the hotel and that was just not going well together with the music from the restaurant. But they fixed that soon, the band was quiet again after the soundcheck and I could enjoy the jazzmusic again. It got more and more crowded at the restaurant and at one time my mom got up and me too, then the owner of the restaurant said “thank you” as he walked buy guiding 2 new people to our table.
We quickly paid but my mom didn’t want to leave, as there was the perseid shower going on. So we went via the bar down to the beach again and we got to watch the stars. I could not resist though and had to get wet feet. What I didn’t realize was that the waves were a lot higher and I couldn’t really see them well so I got back with wet pants. We then laid down on the rocks with our feet in the sand, being overwhelmed with pretty good music (my mom said it was Dire Straits and Pink Floyd) and I have seen 4 meteroids flying by from the Perseids meteor shower. We also saw 2 satellites, one going west and one going east, and then the moon did rise, it was a very spectacular view how quickly it got up. But also the stars were very nice and very bright and it was fun to see that e.g. Orion had completely disappeared under the horizon and Scorpius was just in front of us over Belvedere Campomoro at the other side of the bay.
When we got back up to the bar again the music was playing nice and we decided to listen to a few songs. I really liked the drummer who was a woman and my mom said she was completely lost in the moment in the music and it seemed like she hit everything at the right moment. And she could play really fast as well. When we went my mom said I should walk up to her and say thank you or similar but I was too shy. But after a while I did dare and I walked up and said that she played really good, which she actually did. My mom said she was shining from the moment I said that. Maybe one day I should learn to play drums as well but my mom doesn’t think it’s a very good idea though. Not much later after I hit the pillow I was asleep. We were still in doubt though to either drive back or go and stay a few days longer near the sea.

Corsica day 18

This morning, well, morning? I slept till past 10 AM and then all of a sudden woke up and needed a sprint to the toilet buildings. What my mom taught me about drinking at least 1.5L per day has a disadvantage and it’s not a good thing to wake up that early to do what nature asks you. Anyway, when I got back at the tent my mom sent me back to clean up some dishes from last night because breakfast was waiting for me since an hour. I totally missed when the Boulanger came by?
Not much later we had our breakfast and when we finished our default Pain au Chocolat and Croissants with Lait Sucre the camp owner walked by with new guests and they were all german! So I went crazy and said that we had “Deutschland Eck” again, we were surrounded by Germans! And hey all had a Muenchener licenseplate. My mom found out later that one half of them was from Hessen these days as well and the M licenseplate was just a rental, and their son was studying in Darmstadt as well.
But then my mom said I had to fullfill my daily duties and she would do the washing. So by the time I was ready sorting out my clothes that needed to be done quite a pile was waiting. But that didn’t matter, I only had to do the dishes and such, so when I came back my mom had just finished tidying up and I was ready to go to the beach. So I went there all by myself and this time the waves were just great, I spent a long while having fun there. I also met another german boy with red hair who came her every year and we both had fun going crazy in the waves. After a while my mom came by and she said she would go shopping. We needed something for tonight to eat but she couldn’t see any more pasta, so she wanted to look for something else. I said I wanted to eat Pasta though and if that wasn’t available I wanted to eat bread with Mousse de Canard. So when my mom came back after a while I got pasta and mousse de canard on bread. Shortly after I disappeared in the waves again which were even bigger than before and I really really liked it. My mom went swimming with my bodyboard and then had a quick walk to take some pictures. She came back saying that the Corsica Ferries seemed to be at the harbor of Propriano and also the Moby, next to it. Anad also a catamaran had fallen over due to the wind and the people had problems to get it back on it’s feet again, but they succeeded after a while.
Not long after, at least it felt like that, she came to pick me up and despite me protesting I realied that after 6 hours of non-stop swimming it might be a good idea to get a shower and eat some. So after my mom dragged me from my book again I ate some couscous and then after a while I disappeared in my bed with my book, ready to go for a good sleep. Tomorrow is packing day, because it was my idea to pack our stuff together on the day before we had to go and then when we had to go we only have to pack our tent and contents, and that’s it. We well leave the canu here though and that’s something I really don’t like. But my mom keeps on saying we’ve got a boat at home which is a lot more suitable and bigger as well. But I still like the canu. Maybe I can still sell it for eu 10,-.

Corsica day 17

The trip from here to Bonifacio would take about 1:17h for 72km but my mom said “hah, I’d be happy if we succeed within 2 hours”. So we prepared and packed and filled up our 1.5L bottles with sirop the menthe and water. We were close to the first roundabout towards Propriano, just after the bridge and before the gas station where we run into the first traffic jam. It took about 10 minutes until we could go to the gasstation and fill up our tank. With 1.64EU/L it wasn’t even that bad my mom said. At least cheaper than in Holland.
My mom had a mumble about the person in front of us taking the first stop at the tank and not the second one which was empty too. BUt that person then got told off by the tankstation personell that he should take the most front empty tank and not just stand wherever he liked.
My mom had a grin and we could fill up our tank as well quickly after that. After we’d paid we left to queue up in the next jam again; all the way up through Propriano to go up to Sartene it was a trafficjam – at least, until the last roundabout in Propriano. Because the middle bit was going down my mom shut down the engine and we could just roll down from shady bit to shady bit. From there on it finally went smooth and my mom had her usual grin on her face whenever the road was empty and got curvy. We had a nice smooth trip all the way up to Sartene but then got stuck behind slow traffic. My mom had a mumble as the engine got warmer and there wasn’t enough speed to get enough fresh air into the engine to let it run smooth.
So we got stuck in the next traffic jam in Sartene. Sartene is something very specific when it comes to roads. It’s very steep and we got stuck again ant a 20%’ish hill where people couldn’t get away from. But once on top we had to go the way to Bonifaciu/Porto Vecchiu and my mom really liked that. The only problem was that we had a slow Ford driving in front of us. The way was first very curvy and then it got a few more straight bits in it. But still we couldn’t overtake the Ford. Then, just before the main road to Porto Vecchiu it was very curvy and it was next to the beach as well. Then the Ford stopped at some parking place and we could finally overtake, to end up behind the next slow herd of cars.
There were some very nice beaches next to us and from one view it almost looked like we could see Sardinia. So my mom stopped and took some pictures. When she got back on the road the Ford was the one driving in front of us so my mom had a moan again. A bit further there was a straight road so it was easy to overtake there. On almost every roads here in Corsica the speed limit is 90 outside of towns and 50 or 30 inside towns but everyone seems to drive 60-70KM/h everywhere, even within town. My mom doesn’t seem to like that so she sticks to the limits in town and tries to speed up outside town. It makes fun to go through the curves and get the hang of finding the right spot to accellerate out of the curve again. My mom told me it’s all about the “bum feeling” and after she explained it I could feel the “hang” of it as well.
But that didn’t last long. After all the traffic jams we had through Propriano it seemed that Bonifaciu wasn’t much better: we got stuck in a standstill queue including a paramedic overtaking the traffic jam for another 25 minutes. THen we got on a traffic fight on a roundabout and my mom said it ws enough and she wouldn’t go into Bonifaciu per car this time so she asked some people walking where to park. They aimed back to the Salle de Sports and that’s where we headed after we got the first option to turn around. A gendarme was aiming us where to go to and after we had packed we could go onto the road to Bonifaciu by foot. There were some shops completely built into the rocks next to the road we walked on.
Not much later we got at the port where some people gave us flyers to go on a boat and to travel on a route which covers the caves near Bonifacio – the second operator promised us it would be even cheaper than the first operator. But first we were heading towards a restaurant we had taken a dinner before, at U Campunulu, near the stairs. My mom kind of guarded me through the harbor and all it’s resturants until we were at the stairs, and then she let me ask if they had a table for two, in french. The people there had to grin and let us into the inside area where it was airconditioned they said. But my mom had it still warm and and cold at the same time. Unlike last time there wasn’t bouillabaise on the card so I took the soupe de poisson and my mom took the charcuterie with the Coppa, saucage and something similar to the Lachsfilet we’ve got in Germany. My mom explained me one more time how to get the dry slices of bread ready with the rouille and the fromage to drop it in my soup – I did miss the garlic though. And at the end I had more bread than soup so my mom said there was a problem with too much bread and not enough soup. I must admit that last time it wasn’t like that and there were even fish bits in the soup unlike today. My mom’s charcuterie was nice but I didn’t get anything from it. After the entry we got the main dish which was Fruit de Mer; a gamba on top of noodles with a lot of mouls in there, as well as pulpa and some anchois. It was rather much but my mom said she needed a bit of food to feel a bit more fit after the tiresome slow drive in the morning.
Then desert came and it was a lovely Chocolat Moelleux – my favorite noone is allowed to touch. But I wasn’t allowed to steal bits of my mom’s Chocolat either.
From there on we went into the old town of Bonifaciu and we took the stairs into the old Citadel. It was somehow so much nicer than Calvi. I said to my mom I remembered the words I had learned her last time I went up the stairs, in french. The Fraise as well as the Mure as well as the others. I was competely excited remembering more and more and the stairs were so much better this time. Then we went through the Porte into the old town and then we went into the old village. But then my mom said she wanted to go back to the Escaliers d’Aragon as she’d been there but never got down there. So we paid EU5,- and wondered what would await us. First 200 immense steps down which were cut into the rock itself, and then we had a long path along the sea which went on for a while. But then at the end there was a small cave and there were many “steinmaenchen”, stonemen on the rocks and everywhere.
And there was even an option to swim. I really wanted to but I didn’t have anything to swim so my mom said I should just go in my underwear, who would see the difference anyway. So I jumped into the warm but cooling water and my mom waited for me. She theim aimed at the corner and she asked me where that lead to. I didn’t know but then some other people went there and I peeked around the corner to. It was some kind of cave but not very deep, so I returned to the shore where I saw the enormous amount of fish and crabs and other animals again.
My mom said she was too warm and needed a swim too so I needed to look after our stuff while she went out to dive into the water. She said that many rocks were very sharp, too sharp to walk on barefoot so she quickly got rid of almost all and jumped into the water too. She went into the cave and got some nice softened glass from there and a nice stone and she said it looked like the goonies’ cave. She came back and got dressed again, we both had to get up the 200 steps again and then through the old town back to the parking place. We both were tired but happy about the enourmous adventure we had at the water and the caves and having seen all the animals and also the enormous amount of strangely formed metal in the water and around the caves. Once we got back into the old town we got to buy some souvenirs, I got a towel and a cap and some more from Corse to bring home with me and my mom got herself something as well to remember this great island and place.
We then went down the main stairs and next to the diving shop we saw some ancient gear being used in sea navigation. I knew some of the gears my mom didn’t know the name from and what they were used for, and she knew the fishes on the wall and some others we found there. It was like we had stepped from the touristy bit of Bonifacio into the world of Pirates of the Carribean as many tools were found there, including the monocular being used then as well as some other gadgets. Also the smell and the sound and the temperature were so different there in this little museum-like shop that it was like were were into another world.
We then went into the touristy bits again and then I saw a afriendships band I really wanted to have. Then my mom sawa a TShirt she really saw fit with me in this shop as well. She only made me do the buying and the talking, in french, so that was rather difficult. Then, at the end when she had paid she asked me for something I tried to ignore, but the shopowner said she’d recognized my mom wanted a “bisou”. As I first tried to ignore it but then recognized it I gave my mom a big hug for the friendship bands and the tshirts and a kiss as well, – as that had been the thing which the shop owner suggested. We continued our route through the old town towards the hills and then my mom saw a very nice orange towel in one of the shops and she asked if I liked that. So I looked at the price first and I said I liked it but it was too expensive. Then we walked into the show and my mom discovered some other interesting stuff. Then, also, I found this very nice cap that I didn’t want to let go off, so in the end we got some souvenirs from this shop I’m very happy to take home, as does my mom.
We hadn’t even left this shop until we ran into the place where the houses were built on the cliff which was above the sea so my mom made a few pictures where the famous rock of Bonifaciu could be seen, with me on it as well.
From there on we went all the way down with the stairs and I tried to do the same as I did 3 years ago but I completely failed as my shoulders were too big. And my mom oversaw a step so she almost kneeled down in front of someone asking if she was allright. But she grinned and said she wasn’t going to ask to marry her despite the kneeling down.
We went through the harbor again and the fish shop we visited last time was still closed, but there was another one which had fresh fish being delivered as well as in the front view.
We then had an ice cream and after we had drunk enough to go for a long and warm walk, we went back to our parking places, about 2km away from the town center. My mom said she was glad she parked up there instead of all the way up the hills as the hills were still completely sunburned as we could now walk into the shades. Also we saw places we couldnt’ track the origin from, like this place with a washing area but nothing around it but stones, everything around it was gone.
We got back to our car which was rather cool as it was wrapped into anti-sun-wraps as well that it was standing in the shade. My mom had a quick look at the navi and said she hoped she would be back before darkness, so before 9. The navi said 21:15 so that would be almost perfect but a bit late.
But then we got on the road and it wasn’t that bad. We could overtake some “snails” as my mom said and we could perfectly drive back on schedule. And then we got even before schedule. The road was only lightly covered with slow cars and then, when we got stuck behind slow cars (which appeared to be germans) they stopped nicely at the side so we could speed up a bit again. Behind us was a local which tried to overtake us a few times outside town but didn’t succeed, we were just too quick, even around the curves. When we got into Sartene he overtook us and then nodded at us as if he said “well done”. That made me just more proud of my mom who seemed to be happy being able to drive a bit more through the curvy bits with her usual speed and I liked it a lot as I could feel what she meant while explaining about balance and braking and accelerating.
From Sartene it was all the way down to Proprianu and I noticed the clouds again in the hills behind our camping. I said that I expected rain and my mom wasn’t that sure about how dry it was at our camping, so she did manage to overtake the last few snails on our road and then we were on good speed ack to our camping. We managed the road back in a bit more than one hour instead of the exact 2 hours we had on the way down south.
At the camping it was completely dry and dark as well, so we went up to the restaurant at the other side to get our Pizza au feux du bois and with the extra egg on it which I asked for we went back to our place, ate it and within a few minutes after that I was asleep after giving my mom a big hug after giving me such a great day with so many gifts which have a special meaning to me and a great trip back with a lot of fun. I was tired, but then more than happy as well.

Corsica day 16

This morning my mom was somehow already up & running before I was even awake. I had managed to crawl through the whole tent again she said but I couldn’t remember a thing. She also got breakfast and she got back with Pain au Chocolat and Croissant. I was just able to roll at the table when she had it all set and I had some trouble getting the last bit and pieces at the table to eat. Then when we were just about to start my mom aimed at the neighbour kids, polish, and said that I made a promise with my old body board before I could get a new one: I had to make someone else happy with my old one before I would get my new one. So I asked the neighbours if they would be happy with my old body board. And they were. So I could get my new body board and unpack it.
When we were ready with breakfast my mom said that she didn’t want to go at the usual beach but at the other side, at Belvedere Campomoro. It was a dead end street as she had seen on the navi and there was a google now recommendation as well for a camping up there. So we went there, after we had packed our stuff more or less. At least, the stuff I wanted to take with me was already packed, but I only remembered when my mom sat in the car already. The last bit I had to do was to fill up the bottles of water at the toilethouse. Did you know one has to drink at least 1.5 L of water every day? And that it’s really difficult to drink that?
We went on our trip through Propiano again, with the funny downhill from the roundabout and then up over the town center after the left exit. We first followed the Sartene and Bonifaciu plates and then after the airport went down towards the water again. But just for a bit. From the airport it went all the way up again for a few kms and then it went just up and down until we were in a town called Belvedere Campumuru. The parking places were more than overfull, even at 12:3 but my mom found one place which was just left by someone else who said they would stay there. But my mom wasn’t very sure as it had a big “don’t park here” sign on the street. But then, another car was about to leave and I got sent there to guard the empty parking place. My mom just had to dig out the car from the first place and get up here. But then another car came up and the driver asked “guardee?” And I didn’t know what to say. So I got saved by my mom who just drove up and waved the car away. We somehow made it to the first parking place next to the entrance to the beach, and as my mom explained later: the first to arrive at the beach are the first to leave to eat. The other germans we were chasing up from the road after the exit to Bonifaciu from Hagen got a parking place at the other side but my mom guessed it was only because they used the ‘handicapped’ sign.
We walked to the beach and it was competely sand! And wide as well! Over the whole sea there were small boats parked and my mom said she wanted to go to the left side as she saw dark patches in the seawater which indicated rocks or plants, which were a better chance of seeing fish.
After we dropped our fold-out-tent my mom asked me what the next thing was I wanted to do. So I said that I wanted to go in the water but realized the suncream ritual again so that was quickly done. I got out and in the water and the beach here was so much fun and the water and sea was even better. I could go in real far and still stand. A while later I asked for my swimming goggles and flippers and then my mom joined as well. We both went to the dark which was visible from the beach and it was a combination of rocks and plants. And the fish were amazing. Not the amount (yet!) but their size and how big they were. And they were so close. My mom couldn’t understand that as she had never seen that before, fish so close and not being afraid, so she said (later) that they either would be fed by hand or were somehow not afraid of humans because of food. These were the fish which were silver all the way and had a black stripe behind their eyes going down all the way and had a black stripe just before their tails as well. And they were so close, they sometimes chased the bubbles our flippers made. Then my mom found a fishernet around a pilon and pulled it from the line and the fish were all over the place, eating the bits that came off. That track of fishernets and lines lead us to the little fisher harbor nearby and we saw bits of boat and a lot of fisher lines and more. My mom gathered it all together and said she would thrown it on the harbor bridge, which she did, but then she warned me being completely excited. She then dove down and pulled 2 fish from the seabottom. I thought they were fish but when I saw them closer by and touched them I was certain: these were sharks. And basically baby sharks which were caught in the fisher nets and then pulled out again as the fishermen don’t need them. Unfortunately they were dead, but that didn’t make them less exciting. My mom explained it were a male and a female and they had very sharp teeth as well I found out. The male shark had a very beautiful green eye which was like a marble with all kinds of green colors I’d seen. It even reminded me of a picture of a star constellation, so deep dark and green it was. My mom then also showed the male shark had two pointy penises and the female shark had nothing at all there. Their skin was rough as sandpaper and you could only strike it in one direction, going against that direction was rough and almost impossible. Then my mom showed that they had a pattern on the bottom of their bodies, in the white part and I remembered they could smell with that. My mom said they could even sense electricity from bodies with that and I could point out the line at the side of their bodies where that went to.
At that same location my mom also dug up some scissors from a big crab and she aimed at the remains of a langouste that was also at the bottom of the harbor. When we swam back my mom aimed at a bright read sea star crawling at the sea bottom and then she dug it up for me so I could touch it. I first thought it was poisonous and my mom said it wasn’t. It was however so bright red I wasn’t sure. It looked beautiful though in the blue sea with the white beach. When we swam further my mom pinched me in my hand and aimed at the sea bottom and put her thumb down which means “not good”. So I wondered what it was she aimed at and then when we could speak she said she saw a ‘pieterman’, a fish who lives at a sandy place who is famous for people stepping into it and making them sick. So she waited for me to get my glasses on again and then she went down to chase it up, hoping it would show it’s black fins at the top which are poisonous. She then came up and said it did and then the fish dug itself into the sand somewhere underneath me and we couldn’t find it anymore. It was good to know though how they looked; the little eyes close together and quite a long tail. There were still a lot of fish following us and then my mom stopped and aimed at the sealevel: she said 3 ‘gepen’ who looked like needles were hunting at the top. And then we all of a sudden were in the middle of a wave of small fish, all around us. My mom aimed at me and ‘said’ I should dive through that school of fish. At first I hesitated but then I did dive through and it was like I cut a hole in the school, as they all circled away from me. It was quite amazing how they behaved and how the other fish still chasing us were also trying to catch them. We were still swimming around with the sharks and by the time we reached our tent at the beach my mom said it would be a good idea to leave them at the shore to letother people watch them. The more they are aware of what’s here, the more they might be interested.
As there were wasps going on the sharks my mom suggested I should dig a hole with water to keep them in, but somehow I didn’t really succeed in digging a real hole where the water stayed in. Also the sand was heavy and it was difficult to dig a hole. Then my mom joined but then she didn’t dig a hole but built up something with sand. It was a shark as the one we had found she was building. And this one was about 4, 5 meters long she built. And on top she put the 2 sharks so everyone that walked by could see them. Some people said they were “rochettes” but others said they were ‘roqains’ or suchMy mom believed they were a “hondshaai” and that they could grow up to ca. 1.5m but said she needed to look that up. There were more and more people and especially kids being interested in the sharks and my mom said that they were baby sharks, found at the fishersmans’ boats and they were probably leftovers from the nets. Some people said they would taste very well and some people asked where we caught those fish. But they aren’t fish. I went back into the water with my new body board and with and without my flippers, I really enjoyed it a lot. It was a bit smaller so I could hold on to it better and a few times when I came too close to the coast my mom dragged me away to then throw me back into the waves with it. My mom then said she was tired and would be going for a snooze in the tent and I went out with glasses again to practice diving and swimming and even handstand. When I came back there were again kids standing around the sharks and there was one afraid of it, so I grabbed one and aimed at the boy who ran away from it. But still, it was good that so many people were interested in it, although they were getting a bit smelly.
Then I went out snorkling again and the neighbor person at the beach dove up that what we had seen on the way towards the harbor: a calvin klein underpants at the bottom. My mom grinned and asked if he had lost it but no, it wasn’t his so he put it on the posts at the beach side.
A few hours had gone by and my mom had a real long snooze and so had I , but then in the water, chasing up fish, chasing away kids from the sharks in the meanwhile and then going back to practive some more diving and snorkling. When my mom woke up again she asked if I wanted to go but there was still so much more to see. So when I was about to run into the water again after I had warmed up she stopped me and said we had to go as it was an one hour trip back, although it was only 23km. At first I didn’t want to but then she convinced me; so by the time I dried up as well we walked back and even a bit up as well, watching the donkeys I’d seen when we parked. That let me dry up a bit and then we got back in the car to drive back, over the twisty road again. We drove by the Casino over the roundabouts near Propiano, then all the way down, evading the bump in the street caused by trees with an ‘elk test’ as my mom said (and she loves doing so); and from there on we went all the way up to Olmeto again.
It was time to get something to eat first so I said I would cook the spagetti and the sauce and the spiegelei and the creme brulee. But then I was so tired that I preferred a snooze with my book beforehand while my mom cleaned the dishes and pans I needed before I could cook. And then she said we would better get a fresh shower first so we did so. Then, when we could be cooking something she had to do the dishes and plates and when she came back I was still tired and it didn’t get better. She then was very strict and let me do the noodles only while she looked after the sauce with the additional stuff I dreamt of. And it took aaages to get the noodles done. I didn’t like that at all so I got a bit annoyed, but then I ate something I felt better again. I was fit enough to play around with my drinks and then I even took care of the Chocolat Moelleux by boiling water and let them float in it for a while. They did become a bit more soft and warm and my mom said it was tasting very well. After that I dove into my bed, being too tired for whatsoever. I still hope we can go to Bonifacio tomorrow however it would still mean a lot of walking and more.

Corsica day 15

Today I was awake for a while already, must have been the big bowl of Moules from yesterday evening and the fish soup and the Creme Brulee de Chataigne that kept me awake. But at least I was in time t get the bread. At least, I thought. Because my mom said that the bread was delivered in the same way as at the previous camping, I went out to the front when I heard a horn being blown, and I asked the people who were sitting at the entrance in chairs where to get the Pain au Chocolat and the croissants. But they nodded, said something in a language I couldn’t understand and then smiled at me and then continued talking with each other again. Then I went back saying that there was no bread anymore and that we were too late again. My mom pointed out to me that the bell from the reception from the camping was a horn too, so I must have heard the wrong one. But still..
My mom went to the toilet house again and I then heard another claxon. I then queued up to the car which seemed to have the bread this time. By the time I could take my order my mom was there as well but she went out to the camping exit as the reception for internet was really really bad. So then I ordered my bread, there were no Pain au Chocolats so I got 4 croissants. I paid 20,- and got 6 back and that just kept me wondering what I just paid with. Luckily my mom came around the corner asking me why I was staring at the money, so she told the bread guy off and got the missing 10,- back.
After that we had a relaxing breakfast and tried our new Confiture de Cedrat and the Fraises et Clementines, and I really stick to the latter one. Also I tried the Lait Sucre and it was as gorgeous as I could remember from last time.
We then packed our swimming gear and took our swimming goggles and flippers to the beach. At first I wanted to go quickly into the sea and disappear in that but my mom stopped me and we had to do the whole ceremony again with the suncream again. But then I was off and I quickly dove into the water to disappear as usual under the waves, snorkling, bodyboarding or just swimming. The few times I was out of the water I lay on a rock to dry and warm up a bit. When my mom approached me I just had spotted an octopus which was hiding underneath a rock. But everytime I kicked some sand at it it came out to look. It kept me busy for a while. My mom in the meanwhile swam a few beaches further to have a look over there, but when she came back she said they were all closed and part of parks.
At 14′ish somewhere she pulled me out of the rock and said that we were going to get something from the Casino or such from Propriano. When we got there I felt quite weak and I didn’t like going out in the warmth. But then, at the InterSport my mom got me something I had hoped for for a long time: A bigger bodyboard, this time for boys. My mom made me promise I had to give the other one away to someone that really would fit the other bodyboard. She was lucky herself (a lot!) with buying swimming gear, she didn’t pay the 60,- which the average set costed but only 3.95 – lucky her!
From there we went to the first market that was slowly getting crowded. We couldn’t really find something for dinner thought so my mom said we would get salad which we could eat with an ordered pizza au feux du bois from my favorite restaurant. I was fine with that, didn’t feel like being much hungry at all until we walked by the deserts and I saw the chocolat moelleux desert. I kindly reminded my mom she promised me that so she got a pack for us. We also roamed the corsican cheese and sausage bits but couldn’t find anything that suited. So we got some chips and shampoo to then disappear into the casino, which was a lot better. Unfortunately it was rush hour, all the french where doing their last weekend -shopping as well. It was crowded but we could find a rather empty counter. And then I remembered I still wanted some Tictacs and my mom still needed tomatoes. So we ran ut to swap places while waiting, we were just in time!
From the shopping madness we went back to the camping and I dove into my book again to relax a bit. My mom then got told by the camping personell she should be taking a parking space towards the left, but then she responded swiftly that she had been asked to park by them the day before on this exact space. They then remembered and admitted that they asked us to park exactly where we parked right now, so it was OK to stay there. When my mom tidied everything up after that I helped her with preparing for making the salad and when she was done we went out to the pizzeria. I ordered the Ulmetu (local for Olmeto where we are) and it was ready within 5 minutes they said. THe person who took the order remembered me and remembered I could speak english as well, so I was happy that I didn’t have to take it in any other language. The pizza was ready soon and although it was a bit black-cruncy it smelled lovely. My mom who had been waiting with towels and salad for me showed me where to go to: the beach opposite of the Spar.
While walking down we saw a group of people sitting at the high side as well, the sun had just gone down and the moon had just gone up. We walked further down the beach near the sea and the rocks and sat down on the towels, had the pizza sliced up and while enjoying the sunset and the colors I prepared for what I told my mom I wanted to do: Swim at night. She was hesitant but said that it was better for me to go now than wait until it was dark to swim. I didn’t know why she was so reluctant, normally she tells me that i have to wait for at least 10 minutes after food to swim, but she let me go. So I got all ready to go and then set off into the water. The first 2 steps were ok but when I jumped into the waves I didn’t know how fast to get out of the water again. It was way too cold! Not like when it’s 30 degrees and sunny but just cold! So I got out and dried up, then got warm again. My mom had been smart and told me beforehand I should only wear my swimminggear before going into the water and leave my shorts out. Now I had warm and dry shorts, but still it was cold while laying back. My mom gave me the phone so I could see what stars were where and she told me about the Perseids, where we would be able to see them and how they would fly past while bouncing and burning into the earth’s atmosphere. I figured out where they would come from and the one my mom saw flying by I missed, but then there was another one I saw and she didn’t. We then saw both a satellite slowly going towards the sun and then it got cloudy and I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. We walked back and I was too tired to walk with my eyes open so I zombied back and then fell into the tent. Not much later and with a few sighs I was rather asleep though. Tomorrow we will be going to Bonifacio said my mom, but only if I feel better and more fit, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to walk through the town and over the clifs. Let’s see.