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Weihnachtsmarkt Schloss Lichtenberg, Fischbachtal

Yesterday evening we drove through the dark but beautifully lit Odenwald to a little village nearby; Fischbachtal.
So many leftovers of snow that have never reached us down in the Rhinevalley.

While going from one hill to another, we all of a sudden saw an orange glow behind a hill. It was the moon rising, and it almost looked unreal, so orange (again!) and relatively large.

With the main road towards the Schloss Lichtenberg being blocked we ended down in the village Fischbachtal. From a rather empty parkinglot we walked the small road towards the Schloss, 80m above us.

After getting some sausages to eat at the stand from Metzgerei Ritter we walked all the way up to the Schloss. In the little niches more stands with all kinds of creative handmade colourful glasses, lovely looking trolls, and handcut wood.

On top of the Schloss there was even more to see.

The most lovely one was the stand which had all kinds of candles, they had lit a lot of them up and put them alongside the old walls. With their shapes and glow it finally started to feel a bit like Christmas.

Down in the village we were searching for a stand where they would sell Crepes. We found one in a windy corner and after a long while freezing and waiting, we finally got our Crepes. Not the usual ones, with Nutella, but with real Hazelnuss-Nougat and Vanilla cream. So much nicer and tastier than what we’ve tried before!

Before the market would close, we were already walking back to the parking lot, and we found our way back through the lovely Odenwald, it was all quiet, except for the lights and the moon that kept on following us.

Horses in Handstand

And now something on the ‘horsey’ side:

Having watched the above video from Barbara Schulte from Pro Equo I all of a sudden see what she’s talking about with the “handstand” she mentions, in this video of the stallion presentation in Vechta:

30 Glock´s Zonik – Althengstparade Vechta 2015 from Oldenburger Pferdezuchtverband on Vimeo.

(yes, that’s Edward Gal – former rider of Totilas, the ‘famous black dressage stallion’)

Step-by-step learning to see through the ‘facade’ of ‘modern dressage’, as approved by FEI and many others:

Glocks Zonik Hengstparade Vechta Handstand
Glocks Zonik Hengstparade Vechta Handstand
Glocks Zonik Hengstparade Vechta Handstand
Glocks Zonik Hengstparade Vechta Handstand

The secret life of trees


Can trees speak?
What do they tell eachother?
Can they say when it hurts?
Can they call for help
And can we understand these calls for help?

Thank you Mr. Wohlleben, that you have invited us to your forest.
Welcome, thank you for coming

Trees that talk to each other, how can we see this?
We’re sitting here underneath beeches. Do beeches talk Beech, do birches talk Birch, do oaks speak Oak, do maples speak Maple?

It’s exactly like that. They talk with eachother, but different than we do. Not with soundwaves but with chemistry, by means of fragance, or by electrics, over the ground.
It sounds derogative, but as you compare it to us, only talking in soundwaves, it’s about the same.

Which ways do trees have to communicate with each other? To take the beech as an example under which we’re sitting?

They’ve got multiple ways.
One way is by means of fragance, when one Beech is affected by insects, she’ll notice and it hurts her.
She then warns her surrounding partners by means of fragance. The trees that are standing at the wrong direction of the wind won’t notice that much. Those trees will be notified by their roots, connected interactively by the fungus’ roots.

> Over roots of fungus? Sounds like internet?

Exactly like that. Experts talk about the “root wide web”, created by the fungus. All the trees here are linked to each other. On one teaspoon of forest soil there’s multiple kilometers of connections, and they enable communication between trees by means of electrical signals.

> On one teaspoon multiple kilometers? Can you see these under a microscope?

Yes, you can see these under a microscope. That’s how we figured out the mentioned lengths, that’s how we could measure them. Trees have better internet as we have at home. We got slow internet at home, but the trees are communicating with high speed internet amongst each other.

> And how do these fungus pass along these signals?

Partially electronically, partially checmially.

> Just like with us humans?

Exactly. One could say that the ecosystem is the nervous system of the forest. It’s a highly complicated matter happening here in the forest.

> Now, communication is a way of social life. Do trees have a social life?

Yes, they do have that: for example, when a young tree grows underneath his mother, he’ll be fed over her roots. That means he’s been fed by a sugar solution, so that he doesn’t day. Because here, at the forest ground, sunlight is rare. Only 3% of the sunlight actually hits the forest ground and that is not enough for these little trees to survive. Therefor we can say that they’re being fed by the sugar solution from their mothers. In my perspective that is a highly social activity.

Dutch food in Germany!

Some of the many lovely typical #Dutch foods recently made their entry in the south-west German supermarkets.

Rewe: Chocomel (De enige echte!)

Rewe: Vla (Dubbelvla Vanille/Chocolade van de Zuivelhoeve)

Real: Frikandellen (Rollies)

Real: Stroopwafels : Bio Honigwaffeln

Monk on Acid – A trip to Pluto (and beyond)

Monk on Acid


While browsing around in the magical musical underworld of Youtube & skies of Soundcloud, I found one song that caught my ears:
“Monk On Acid – A Trip To Pluto #169 – Alien World”

After a bit of research on above platforms I contacted the publisher and asked him if it was downloadable somewhere. And yes, it is!

Here it is, among other trips to Pluto and elsewhere. Click to download:

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